Fueling economic growth through nano credit

In developing countries, access to nano-credit and capital also opens the door for aspiring micro-level entrepreneurs. Traditional banks often deny small loan or credit applications due to difficulties in verifying creditworthiness. This lack of access to essential financial services hinders small business growth and limits the creation of new job opportunities. Limited finance options may […]

Creating equitable access to essential banking services for all

In rural communities where a lack of proper banking infrastructure presents a significant challenge for people requiring basic banking services, Ascend and TrueMoney have established TrueMoney centres through partnerships with local shops, convenience stores, pharmacies, cafes, or even through street vendors to provide service locations that support transactions such as cash withdrawals, pre-paid credit top-ups, […]

Advancing financial inclusion and economic opportunity through technology

Serving the unbanked across Southeast Asia Ascend Money together with TrueMoney, both subsidiaries of Thailand’s C.P. Group, believe that technology has a powerful role to play in addressing financial disparities across the region and in creating positive societal impact in a way that fosters social mobility and alleviates poverty. Through financial application and a network […]


The advancement of modern technology has enabled seamless access to financial services for customers in developed economies. However, limited infrastructure and services hinder similar access for those in developing markets. In Southeast Asia, it is estimated that around 225 million people lack access to a financial account while more than 350 million people do not […]